Why do Most Local Fuck Buddy Sites Suck?

If you’re looking for a adult personals, you have your work cut out for you. It’s very easy to turn to Facebook but if things go south with any of your fuck friends, your Facebook friends will find out. Worst of all, there will be all sorts of unnecessary drama on your social media accounts. You don’t want complete strangers cussing you out. You don’t want people making all sorts of death threats. Who wants that unnecessary drama, right? As the old saying goes, don’t shit where you eat.

This means then that in your search for a local fuck friend, you have to use specialized websites. The good news is that truly local sex friend sites are quite numerous. It’s not a question of trying to find one. It’s a question of trying to pick the right one. Here are some signs that you are looking at the wrong site. In fact, most local fuck friend sites are horrible. They plainly suck. Here are the warning signs.

Bad database

When you look at the dating profiles at typical local sex friend sites, you’d be horrified. There are few females in your area. How can you expect some level of success when there are few females to fuck in your area? It doesn’t make sense.

Limited selection

What I mean by limited selection is not that there are not enough females in your area. What I’m talking about is that all these females tend to be the same. They tend to be looking for the same type of guy. In such a situation, chances of you hooking up are quite slim. You have to look for women who are right up your alley and who fit your profile.

Obviously fake profiles

Another danger that you often run into when looking for local sex friend websites is obviously fake sites. These sites are filled with fake profiles. How do you know? Just look for porn pictures on the profiles. If you see too many of these, chances are high that you are at a fake site.