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Top 13 romantic gift ideas that will never be forgotten

Being ready to do everything necessary to express affection to your partner is part of the essence of falling in love in the first place.

Gifts are definitely on top of the list when planning to continuously show love. Here are the top 13 romantic gift ideas that you can use to express your affection in ways that your partner will never forget.


  1. Candle light dinner

Your better half will never forget a romantic dinner for the two under the illumination of candlelight. Especially if you can arrange this at a special spot like a rooftop with an amazing view. Not to mention enjoying the sound of the city in the background.

You can add spice to it by hiring a waiter (a friend could play this role) to serve the dinner – with champagne and chocolate covered with strawberries as the starter.

You can include some of her favorite food or exclusive little treats. The dessert can include something with chocolate. Do you even know that chocolate is considered as the food of love? The dinner can be tantalized with live music either by a guitarist, violin player or something different. All depends upon your taste, availability and the surrounding.

  1. Bouquet of Chocolates

Women adore beautiful flowers and tasty chocolates. Why not combine both of these favorites into one? Then you can deliver such an unusual bouquet of chocolate to their workplace. Add a card with a message of love and the whole office will get jealous. The content of the message can be something like “Even the sweetness of chocolate is nothing compared to you. Your sweetness can give someone diabetes. No, I am not joking, because you are so sweet, I mean it and well, I love you a lot, you are in my every thought!”

You can check out a few other ways to add spice to your gift idea at Believe me, this might become your savior when it comes to love affairs.

  1. Weekend in Paris

Have you ever thought of a weekend trip to Paris in spring or fall?

The entire Paris comes to life in spring when flowers and trees are in blossom. There is nothing more romantic than walking through the Jardin des Tuileries with Notre-Dame in one direction and the Arc de Triomphe in the other.

The weather in fall stays pleasant until October. W

alking through the Latin part of the town with its little French cafes and their lazy attitude, then along the Seine river looking at the street performers and sketch artists, and the leaves falling down from the trees rustling past your feet with a gust of wind.

Make sure you kiss on top of the Eiffel tower. Have dinner at one of Paris’ many restaurants and a show at the Moulin Rouge.

For sure, such a weekend will become one of the most unforgettable events in both of your lives.


  1. Love letter

Sometimes the best gift you can give is letting that special person know that they are loved. For instance, you can write the following

“I cannot wait to grow old with you, to look back and see how far we have come. I love you. You are a treasure in my heart. I am so lucky to have met you. My life would not be the same without you”

For sure, your better half will never forget these words. You can leave such a letter on your mate’s dressing table or near the pillow or wherever you wish. Believe me, it will never be left unnoticed.

  1. Love Map Game

Sometimes we are not sure of how to directly ask our partner one question or the other. One of the best variants is to play with your better half and you can easily find out all the romantic ideas and wishes he/she has.

Moreover, any kind of game would be fun and at the same time you will feel closer.

For example, write the numbers 1 through 20 down a column on the left hand side. Take turns asking your partner the questions. For instance, what are some of the important events coming up in your life? How do you feel about them? Etc.

You will get the answers, which may help you to understand in what direction you need to develop your relationship further.

  1. Flowers

A lot of us got used to the idea of gifting flowers only on special occasions. But have you ever considered delivering the flowers to her workplace on a Monday morning? Flowers must be either simple and elegant or lavishly extravagant.

The flowers should be accompanied by a card, which would say something like “I send you these flowers to make all your female colleges jealous, and to show everyone how special you are. Or from your secret admirer”.

  1. Animal Gifts

Your lover will be excited to spend time in the company of rare animals. For instance, you may take your partner to the pool to spend an exciting time swimming with the dolphins that are always eager to share their love, tenderness and kindness with human beings.

No doubts this will become an unforgettable moment, so why not share it with your mate?

  1. Good sense of humor

You can offer your partner the chance to make a Hilarious Photo Book ☺. You may collect all of your embarrassing, ugly, awkward photos in one place so that you can laugh and giggle at all of the horrible photos of you over the years.

Like the psychologists say “Laugh prolongs life” and your relationship will become stronger.

  1. Spa

A spa day is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and your loved one. Treat your lady to a whole range of awesome experiences such as massages, pedicures or many other special options. No doubt your better half will be excited by such fabulous care and attention coming from you.

  1. Trip to the park

That unforgettable romantic gift does not have to cost you a lot of money. A lot may depend upon your creativity.

What about simply relaxing in the nearest state park? It will also be unforgettable to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature and its surroundings together. You can as well spend the whole day walking in the park (but do not forget to take snacks, drinks and blankets with you) and when it is night you can continue your romantic walk under the moon.

  1. Diamonds

Practically all women like to look elegant and wonderful. Any woman would like to get a diamond ring as present. It can end up being the most romantic gift for her.

A diamond ring will make her shine like a Queen that she is. This can be a nice gift idea for her birthday or your wedding anniversary. Such unforgettable gifts will make this day memorable for years!

  1. Novel

Yes, it might sound unusual, as you are not a writer or an author. But have you tried your skills for a 100 percent? Perhaps it may sound like an unusual idea that you have never tried before. But it will not take too much strength and energy to make a small printed novel of your romantic moments.

You can also add some personal photos, messages and a nice novel is ready.

  1. Start a hobby together

If your lover likes to workout at home, then you can surprise him/her with special home equipment. You can buy weights, yoga mats, small dumbbells, and the likes. Just anything that can be useful for them at home.

It will be also great to start doing exercises together. It will show how much you want to be next to your beloved one in any situation and of course exercising together can be so romantic.

Which of these ideas will your partner love? Perhaps you have already used some of these romantic ideas already, well, you select another one.

As you see this list can be endless, everything depends upon your wish, desire and imagination.

Which other romantic ideas will you like to share with me? I will be glad to read about them.

Romantic gifts for girlfriend to express your love and affection

You should never forget about the power of words and actions in a relationship. Impress your girlfriend with some gifts that will express your love and affection for her. The earlier you start using these romantic gift ideas the better for your relationship.

  1. It is not a secret that girls like to have fun. Take your girlfriend for a trip to a theme park. You can take her for a ride on one of the roller coasters. Treat her to some souvenirs as a reminder of the date.

urlIs it not enough? Then what about getting the adrenaline flowing for your partner as she takes part in a 16-lap rally car experience? She will get to understand the basics of steering and in a four wheel drive sport car. This will be the ideal gift for the thrill seeking lady.

  1. Is your girlfriend fond of getting traditional gifts? For a gift in this category, you should really consider a romantic dinner for two at a local restaurant.

You can also surprise her by inviting her friends (those she has not seen for ages) out to a restaurant. Look for a reason to invite her to this restaurant and leave her there with her friends.

The evening can be followed with a movie of your girlfriend’s choice at the cinema. There are a lot more ways to make the evening tantalizing at

  1. If your girlfriend is an animal lover then a trip to the local zoo would be a wonderful way for her to spend time. If you live not far from the ocean then you can invite her on a sailing trip to watch the whales and dolphins.

A voyage on a boat designed and specially built will allow you both to get up close and personal with the kindest, smartest and the largest sea animals in the world. Don’t tell me that she will not be excited to go on such a trip.

  1. Many cities have rivers that run through them with cruise boats that you can spoil your girlfriend with. A romantic trip down a gentle river at night, enjoying a lovely meal and watching the city lights slowly pass by will be an experience that will unforgettable for her.

Don’t forget a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to the boat on your behalf before your departure!

  1. As a boyfriend, you should know your girlfriend’s likes. Is she keen on dancing? Then arrange dancing lessons. This will be a gift that she will remember forever.

This way you will be able to share create memories together while learning something new.

  1. You can invite your girlfriend to a concert where her favorite band will be playing. If she is lucky enough she may even be able to meet them personally and get an autograph. Moreover, you can also make her a mix tape of all the songs that made a certain significance throughout your relationship. This will serve as a permanent reminder of all the good times.
  1. Many different towns and cities have a certain carnival or parade to celebrate the local industry or whatever the area is famous for.

Make it a point to take her to a new one each year as a way of fun and creating new memories together.

I believe you have been able to make up your mind about one or two of the romantic gifts. I will like to read about which of them you will use for your girlfriend next.

Now it’s your turn to help me by telling me about some other interesting romantic gift ideas.