9th March, Delhi- In a shocking revelation Fabity, a women’s only e-commerce brand in India is a cheating its innocent customers by buying and sourcing products from international markets, copying their images and selling it for twice the amount.

The team at Fabity is a bunch from some design college, who have found this model successful. All they do is copy the images from online and Google, purchase it from various vendors and upload it on their website for double the amount. Innocent customers are getting cheated. Since they have to source the products from other vendors their delivery time is also outrageous- ranging from 30 to 45 days.

Here is an example where they are selling a ring for Rs 320 whose actual price is mere Rs 165. If one has to wait for a month to get something like this why not purchase it yourself at a cheaper rate?

So girls if you do like a product at Fabity, go to their website just right click on any image and search it in Google- you will find the same product picture and exact products at a much cheaper rate J So don’t get cheated by these people and be AWARE.






So be careful while buying products at Fabity, don’t get cheated.


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